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Welcome to the first dedicated Wiki for Blockout ! This Wiki is intended to collect all available informations about the Blockout Video game. Please feel free to add all sorts of informations related to Blockout, the 3D Tetris.


If you just want to test this Doku-Wiki based wiki, visit the SandBox ! There i also have written a very short tutorial on how to use our wiki.



The game allows the player to choose the set of blocks they will play with and the size of the pit. Pits range from 3x3x6 to 7x7x18, giving a total of 195 possible pit sizes (counting e.g. 3x5x6 and 5x3x6 as identical). Three block sets are available — flat, basic, and extended — making a total of 585 possible game modes.

  • The Flat block set (8 flat polycubes):

  • The Basic block set (7 polycubes):

The 7 polycubes of the basic block set can be assembled into a 3x3x3 cube: Soma cube.

  • The Extended block set (all 41 possible n-polycubes n∈[1..5]):

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Blockout Experimental

  • QU4TRO high quality, polished 3D Tetris, featuring new approaches to 3D Interaction.

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