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 +What Geom Cube Is About:
 +The blocks are falling and the purpose of the game to fit the cubes into place. As the blocks fall into the pit, it’s your responsibility to make them fit into position...
 +more » 
 +**Platform:​** PlayStation ​
 +[[http://​​sony/​geomcube.htm|Geom Cube homepage]]
 +**ESRB Rating:**
 +"Geom Cube" is rated Kids to Adults, for Suitable for All Ages
 +**Geom Cube Special Features:**
 +• Blocks fall into a pit
 +• Make them fit into position
 +• Test your brain
 +**Release Date:** Jan 16, 1996 
 +• Developer: American Technos Inc
 +• Publisher: American Technos Inc
 +• Distributor:​ Ingram Entertainment,​ GTI, SVG, Electro Source
 +**Other Info On Geom Cube:**
 +• Location: United States of America
 +• Control Elements: Joystick, Gamepad
 +**Technical Support:**​ps/​develop/​americantechnos.html ​
 +====== Review ======
 +(from http://​​gp/​product/​B00002SU83)
 +Reviewer: A gamer
 +With all of the different versions of Tetris that are currently available, I'm surprised that this game hasn't been more widely popular. It's a wonderful, highly addictive 3-d version of tetris in which you drop differently shaped and colored boxes into a pit. Like tetris, you can rotate your boxes on the x axis; however, you have the ability to spin in the y and z axes as well in Geom-Cube. With infinite mode, 2 player mode, and computer challenge mode, the game is quite versatile. Takes only a few minutes to learn, but many gaming hours to master. If you've ever been a tetris fan, you're sure to love Geom-Cube. ​
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