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 +Blockout is a game, and it doesn'​t pretend to be educational,​ but the skills required to master it are not unrelated to mathematics,​ particularly geometry. You must manipulate blocks falling into a pit so that they fill the layers at the bottom, rewarding the player with the best and swiftest sense of spatial relationships. ​
 +If that sounds like Tetris, or its sequel, Welltris, it's because it is similar to those two addictive exercises. They were created by a Soviet mathematician. Blockout also comes from behind the formerly iron curtain: it was developed by Aleksander Ustaszewski of Warsaw for California Dreams, 780 Montague Expressway, No. 403, San Jose, Calif. 95131. ​
 +After you have mastered the standard Blockout setup, almost 1,000 variations are available. ​
 +Blockout is available for I.B.M.-compatible computers, Amigas and the Macintosh. The suggested retail price is $39.95.
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