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<div class="magnify" style="float:left"><img src="" /></div>   <p align="justify">Blockout is a 3D Block dropping game, that greatly exercises the 3d spatial capabilities of the human brain.<br/><br/> The Original Blockout&reg; is in fact a subgame of the board game <a href="">QUINTILLIONS</a> and Super Quintillions, an invention of Kate Jones from <a href=""></a>. Super Quintillions features the block shapes you very well know from Blockout.<br/> Originally, Blockout was a 2 player game played with the quintillion pieces. The target of the game was to place your own pieces and to "block-out" placement of the opponents pieces.<br/><br/> In 1989, Blockout was designed as a Computer Video game by by <a href="">Aleksander Ustaszewski</a> and Mirosław Zabłocki. Several Version for different Platforms were released. Among them are the widely known DOS, Atari and Amiga versions, developed by California Dreams, a subsidiary of LDW (Logical Design Works) Software, a California company (San José, actually almost all development was done in Poland, they might have an office in California only...). <i>(stub. please complete..)</i> More info at <a href="">gamepuzzles</a>. </p>


The game allows the player to choose the set of blocks they will play with and the size of the pit. Pits range from 3x3x6 to 7x7x18, giving a total of 195 possible pit sizes (counting e.g. 3x5x6 and 5x3x6 as identical). Three block sets are available — flat, basic, and extended — making a total of 585 possible game modes.

  • The Flat block set (8 flat polycubes):

  • The Basic block set (7 polycubes):

The 7 polycubes of the basic block set can be assembled into a 3x3x3 cube: Soma cube.

  • The Extended block set (all 41 possible n-polycubes n∈[1..5]):

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  • QU4TRO high quality, polished 3D Tetris, featuring new approaches to 3D Interaction.

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